Road to IRONMAN - Base II / Week 4

Published on 14 February 2021

Last week for this block in! This week concluded another 4 week block, which means both Rest- and Test-week. I'll skip listing the weekly workout details this time, because it really was just some base work. I cut back on the running to 3.5 hours and to 4 hours on the bike. I'd like to have done a little bit more but felt like this was needed. But let's jump straight into the details of the weeks testresults:

On wednesday evening I did another FTP-test following the protocol from the last tests. So, 25W ramp ups every 30 seconds. I had a minor fuckup with my smarttrainers ERG-mode, so I got a drop in the power diagram, but I think I can ignore that. The next one will be in four weeks again anyways. I managed to do one full interval more than last time, which resulted to a new FTP of 280W. Compared to the last test, that means an increase from 3.6W/KG to 3.7W/KG. Not as much as last time, but close to what I was expecting.

FTP Test Results after Base II

The following sunday, I went on a small roadtrip for a real performance diagnostics for my running. I went to freiburg (same place as last time) to get a spiroergometry. That means running a ramp test similar to the bike and measuring in- and exhaled gases to calculate the oxygen absorption by determining the delta of oxygen from in- compared to exhaling.

All in all, the test went great: The test protocol consists of 1km/h increases every 2 minutes and reducing it to 30seconds after entering the fully lactic zone to get information on vo2max and maximum heartrate. I managed two full stages more than last time and two more of the 30sec stages too. So the last stage was 21km/h for 30seconds.

FTP Test Results after Base II

My vo2max improved slightly over the last year (64 to 65), but my overall running efficiency improved drastically: I was able to access last years performance at 15% less energy consumption and 20 bpm less for the heartrate. So the not too much higher vo2max is mostly based on the less needed oxygen.

My max heartrate was at 191, same as last year. So, my pace zones will stay at the same heartrate, altough the recommended paces are a lot faster than last year as well.

My main building block for the next time now should be an optimization of maximum lactate formation rate (VlaMax) to be able to use a higher percentage of my vo2max. For my training, this means another block of hill-training (altough with longer reps) and also more hill-training on the bike. For this, I'll start next week with some (3-4) reps of 8-10minute intervals at ~90% FTP with 40-55 RPM. I'm excited to see how these will go, especially because they'll be at 250W using my latest FTP. Another crucial element will be easy training in the morning before breakfast. I'm really not satisfied with my "morning training" over the last few weeks so that will be a nice kick in the ass to get up early. More on this next week!