Road to IRONMAN - Base II / Week 2

Published on 31 January 2021

Right now, I feel like I'm really back into serious training and slowly building my volume. Until the next rest week, I'm planning to build my running volume up to 70K per week and the bike volume to around 6.5 hours. Let's first take a look at this weeks schedule:

Day Type Duration Content Actual Duration Actual Distance (km)
Monday Bike 00:30:00 Recovery 00:30:40 13,35
Swim 01:00:00 Stretch Cords 01:03:30
Tuesday Run 01:15:00 Tempo / 555s 00:57:26 13,02
Mobility 00:30:00
Wednesday Run 00:30:00 Easy 00:30:00 5,85
Bike 02:30:00 LIT 79,04
Thursday Bike 01:00:00 Easy LIT 00:45:00 27,5
Strength 00:30:00
Friday Run 01:30:00 Easy 01:41:45 18,67
Swim 00:30:21
Saturday Strength 00:30:00 Row 00:15:05 3,735
Run 00:30:00 Easy Brick 00:34:27 7,4
Bike 01:30:00 Kraftausdauer 01:30:00 48,93
Sunday Run 01:45:00 LR + Progress 01:38:47 22,02
CrossFit 00:36:33

All in all, I'm quite satisfied with this week. It came to a total of 66,9km / 05:22 hours of running plus 154km / 5:18 hours on the bike. I was hoping to get more like 6 hours in on the bike, but had some trouble timing the week at work. Next week then, hopefully! Right now, there's only one week left before another recovery week, which means: FTP-Test! And, I've got my running performance test coming up that week too!

I'm really looking forward to it this time, especially because my weekly halfmarathon on sunday turned into a progression run ending with a 3:50min/km pace. And that even didn't feel too hard. Right now, I'm thinking about doing a halfmarathon for time in late march or early april, just to see where I am and as a prep for the 70.3 in venice, but we'll see. I really need to motivate myself for that.

The tempo-training on tuesday didn't go too well on the other hand. I was planning to do a 5/5/5 workout, which means 5k easy, 5k moderate and 5k hard. The first two went fine, but my stomach started cramping and we cut off after around 3K. We still managed to maintain a 3:45min/km pace to this point at a avg heartrate in total tough, so I'm fine with this session as well.

The bike sessions were quite usual this week too, just easy, steady, low intensity. As per my last post, I've been moving the long ride away from the long run and placed it in the middle of the week. I really enjoyed this session, so let's go through it:

Workout: 2.5hours LIT / FatMax with 6x30sec Primings

I'm starting the workout with an 8 minute ramp-warmup to 75% FTP, and do another 5 minutes at 60%. After that, I'll head to some primings. You can find the theory on those in a separate post soon. After that, it's 6x 30 seconds free ride, which should be an almost all-out effort. After each rep, there's a 3 minute rest at 60% FTP. This block is followed by 5 minutes at 58%, just to get back into an easy rythm. From there, the rest of the workout consists of ramping up and down between 58% and 68% (FatMax). This time, I'm using 5 minute intervals to make it mentally easier than the 10min ones. To be concise, the workout contains two 58-60-63-65-68-65-63-60-58 ramps, between them is a shorter one (58-60-63-65-63-60-58). That is to make the workout a bit easier, and keep it on time. If you're gonna do this as a 3 hour workout, feel free to extend the middle part.

So far so good! The last special workout for the week was a rowing session on saturday. In the last weeks, I've been enjoying some workouts on the indoor rower and I though it was time for one of those again. Together with a friend of mine, I'm planning to sign up for the german indoor championships on feb. 14th, so we were doing this as a benchmark. We're not too sure about signing up tough, maybe will skip the official thing and do a race for ourselves. The workout only lasted for about 15 minutes, but was really intense. We started with a short warmup and some corrections in my technique, and then did a 1K TT. The following picture shows the whole effort:

Workout: Rowing 1K TT

I didn't do anything like this before, so we tried to target 1:40/500m at 30+ SPM. I came in at around 1:38/500m with ~380W. I don't really have any comparisons for that but I'm fine with that time for now! We'll think about the competition over the next few days and I'll keep you updated on that. Anyways, I'm gonna keep adding some rowing-workouts into my schedule, just for fun and some diversity.