Road to IRONMAN - Base II / Week 1

Published on 30 January 2021

In the last post, I've been covering the prep and the base I periods. At this point, I'm back into structured training, so I'll upload weekly posts on my progress over the last 7 days. This post covers week 1 of my base I period, which is from jan. 18th to jan. 24th 2021.

My goal for the base II period is to set a focus on hill-training. This includes hillsprints for the running, and longer, intense intervals on the bike, which should be done at lower cadences. For these, I'm usually targeting 50, 55 or 60 RPM. Note that the distances for the bike sessions are the ones my TACX sent to my garmin. Not the distance from Zwift! I'm using this value because it removes the elevation metrics from the workouts and I get a better comparability.

Let's cover the plan for this week:

Date Type Duration Content Actual Duration Actual Distance (km)
Monday Swim Stretch Cords 01:10:29
Bike 01:00:00 LIT 01:00:00 32,79
Tuesday Run 01:00:00 Fartlek 01:07:28 13,04
Bike 01:00:00 LIT 01:00:00 33,7
Wednesday Swim Stretch Cords 01:05:12
Run 01:15:00 LIT 01:11:30 12,09
Thursday Strength 00:37:21
Bike 00:45:00 LIT 00:45:25 23,69
Friday Swim Stretch Cords 01:05:18
Run 00:30:00 LIT 00:28:00 04,48
Bike 01:00:00 LIT 01:00:00 30,38
Saturday Bike 02:00:00 LIT 02:00:00 60,58
Run 00:50:00 6x30s Hillreps 00:59:22 12,23
Sunday Strength 00:23:24
Run 01:45:00 LR 01:44:00 21,37

So, the totals for this week are the following (I'm combining strength and swim here because of the "replaced" swimming workouts):

# of sessions Duration Distance
Bike 5 05:45:25 181,14km
Run 5 05:30:20 63,21km
Other 5 04:21:44
15 15:37:29

All in all, this week felt really great! The regular workouts were quite easy, just the hillreps were new for me. I decided to do 6x30 seconds on a steady incline, after each of which I ran back down with an easy pace. As soon as I felt good again, I ran up again. The following picture shows the details on the reps:

Hill Reps Results for January 23rd

I ended up doing 10 minutes more than planned, that was just due to great weather and overall conditions. Altough I have to admit that I had some pretty heavy legs on my longrun on sunday, but I think saturdays bike session was responsible for this. I'll move the long bike session to the middle of the week for the coming weeks.

On the bike, I'm mostly switching between multiple LIT-workouts on zwift. My current go-to workout consists of 12 minute blocks, each of which contains of 4x3 minutes at 58% / 60% / 63% / 68% FTP. So basically just increments in Z2 to FatMax. Another session consists of multiple 10 minute blocks, where each block stays steady in a range between 58% and 68%. So you get it, regular Z2 training, but with some variance. And again - not the whole session at FatMax!