Road to IRONMAN Copenhagen

Published on 24 January 2021

My big goal for the 2021 season is the IRONMAN Copenhagen, my first ever long-distance triathlon race. So far, I can't really say if it's really going to take place, but since it will be at august 22nd, I'm quite confident it will. Anyways, I'm gonna get the training for it in. In the following weeks, I'll be releasing weekly posts here about my progress and the training I did. Besides that, I'll cover my nutrition strategy and overall related topics.

I'm not starting my training just now tough. I'm currently starting into my second week in the Base II phase, week 10 in my total plan. Of course, I'll also cover the contents of those weeks.

If you want to track all my sessions, feel free to follow me on strava, I'm uploading every session there.