Published on 04 November 2020

The summer is coming to and end, and so is the 2020 triathlon season. Or - it should be. There hardly was any racing, and if you're one of the few people that had a chance to race this year, good for you. But the majority of us didn't. Usually, we'd all have a few weeks of rest after the last races. To get ourself sorted, to spend time with our friends and family and to really think about something else. Okay, I'll get back to that last point but you get what I want to say.

Since there wasn't really a racing season this year, why should you even bother thinking about an offseason? A lot of people told me that they dislike the principle of offseasons, because they feel like the two or three weeks off causes them to lose progress. So why not keep up the training and jump right into the 2021 prep?

To keep it short - just do it. If you're like me, you've probably been training the whole year of 2020, even if it was just for the slightest chance of racing again. Give yourself some time to get some fresh ideas into your head and think of something else. Make some plans for the 2021 season and structure your long-term training plan. I'm convinced that a few weeks off from training help yourself to a fresh start. More so if that means going full-steam into 2021 vs. keeping on training mediocre. Oh, and you probably won't lose too much of your form. Promised. Oh, and stay tuned for upcoming posts on how to structure your training over a whole season in general!