Hey, I’m Marcel. I’m glad that you found my blog, where I document my thoughts and write about everything that I’m interested in.

At the moment that includes mainly topics like software development with a focus on Android, C# and Xamarin, but also general related areas like encrypted communication or secure browsing. Regarding my topics in the area of software development I write about all sorts of subjects. From the introduction of a side project to a detailed description to a specific problems solution, you will find everything here.

In addition to these software-heavy topics, I am doing 3D printing as a hobby and I’m currently trying to build and consolidate CAD skills.

I’m quite easy to inspire which is why you will see several posts on here that are a little out of the ordinary.

Of course, I use different platforms to document and exchange the results of my work. I therefore refer to my GitHub profile, where I manage all my software projects, and my Thingiverse account, which I use to share 3D models.

I am looking forward to any criticism, please feel free to contact me via mail to marcel@mjurtz.com (please use my PGP Key: 4404 F835 D61D F7C0 321D AFD0 3982 FC4C 265C 9C2D) or Twitter: @MarcelJurtz. Please note that I’ve disabled the comments on here since I don’t have the time to moderate and approve these. German law is pretty strict on that topic. If you have any question or idea on how to improve this site, please also simply drop a message.


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