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10 Web-Dev Beginner Mistakes & How to avoid them

When you're starting to learn programming, you're usually flooded with new information. Regardless on which are you're trying to get into. In this post, I won't give you yet another todo-list on which topics you should cover on your journey to become a software developer - instead, I'm going to pick a few of the most common mistakes people make, and explain how you won't make them yourself. Of course, this list is nowhere near complete, but in my opinion, it will offer you some resources for an easier introduction in several topics. You're trying to become a programmer, but not a web dev? Keep on reading - I'm sure you can benefit from some of the topics as well!

Building a CrossFit Workout-App with Node.JS and Vue

First off: Links to the code and the prototype are at the end of the post.

Resolve Open Generics with ASP.NET Cores DI-Container

ASP .NET Core already has quite a decent di-container built in. However, there are some quirks you might need to be aware of. In one of my applications, I've been using a factory pattern to register my views by using open generics. To be more clear about that: I have an Interface IView<TView>, and I want to register all of this interfaces implementations.

Domain Redirection with .htaccess and PHP

I've been starting a new blog on my domain, for which I wanted to use the 'blog' subdomain. However, this subdomain was already in use for all my coding-related stuff. So, I decided to move my current blog from /blog to /coding and upload my new blog to /blog. So far, so good. Now I have both of my blogs up and running. There's just one problem: Any incoming traffic to existing posts on my blog would resolve to 404s. In todays post, I'm gonna show you how I resolved that issue.

FluentValidation in ASP.NET Core

Have you been implementing the validation of your ViewModels in ASP.NET (Core) using DataAttributes so far? If so, chances are you've always been dissatisfied because your classes became messy and full of unnecessarily replicated code. Yes? Then today's post is for you.

How to create a profile README for GitHub

GitHub has been secretly pushing out a new feature in early july, that allows you to create a profile-level README-file. In todays post, I'll be showing you, how you can create your own profile README to customize your own profile page according to your preferences.

Editing Zwift Workouts in C#

I've been using Zwift pretty extensively for the last few months. For anyone unfamiliar: Zwift is a VR Biking platform. That means, you can put your bike on a smarttrainer, connect it to your pc (directly via ant+ / ble or by bridging with your phone), and then you can ride virtual worlds without having to go outside. Sounds not too bad, right?

Moving to Wyam

It's been quiet for way too long here. I don't really have an excuse for my absence but I've been kind of busy, both personally and professionally. But I'm planning to post on here more frequently from now on.

Database Modeling with dbdiagram.io

Today I would like to briefly introduce you to a Web application, which I have been stumpled across. I've tried several tools for db modeling, some more and some less appealing.

Getting Started with Unity ProBuilder

ProBuilder allows you to bring more complex objects into your Unity scene without requiring in-depth knowledge of modeling programs such as Blender or Cinema4D. By now ProBuilder is integrated into Unity and can also be used free of charge in the Community Edition. In todays article I want to show you how you can integrate ProBuilder into your project and start modeling.